Distribute tokens to private sale investors with Unvest
No-code required

Simple, audited, self-service token distributions with a point-and-click interface and AAA grade security.

When you’re launching your token, the first few days and weeks of trading are make or break. Limiting circulating supply is key. Unvest’s secure tools for distribution and vesting allow you to create ideal market conditions, while keeping your early investors happy.

"I've worked with many projects as a web3 entrepreneur. It's heart breaking when distribution errors ruin project launches, causing FUD or token prices to dump irreparably. Unvest gives me peace of mind and confidence that these never-events do not undermine our hard work, giving projects the best possible start"

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran | GD10 Ventures

Security and Peace of Mind

For Projects

- Easily create and check investor allocations and distribution scheduling
- Liquid vesting lets you create longer vesting periods, reducing the circulating supply
- Investors can sell to recoup their initial without impacting market price
- Low TGE unlocks mean no TGE dumps

For Early Investors

- Assurance the project won't make errors when distributing their tokens
- No cat and mouse game of who will dump first after TGE

For Retail Investors

- Whales who bought in pre-sale rounds can't dump the market price
- Buy vested tokens at below market rate for long term holding

Live, Ready and Audited

Projects are already using Unvest's Audited Non-Custodial Distribution and Vesting contracts

Free to use
just cover the gas

Rather than licensing a third-party contract, modifying an Open Zeppelin template, or rolling your own code and paying $50k for an audit, you can use our secure portal to customize your own ideal, audited, secure distribution.

Liquid Vesting charges zero fees to project owners, only network transaction costs. It also works with any launchpad and there's no lock-in or exclusivity.

Earn fees
three ways

Using UNV token, you can earn fees from transactions that your early investors make during your vesting period.
  • Put up ETH liquidity for your Liquid Vesting Tokens and earn up to 1% per transaction from Uniswap LP fees
  • Put up UNV-ETH liquidity and earn additional rewards
  • Stake your UNV Tokens against the rewards pool for your contract address and earn back up to 2.5% per transaction.

& market placement

Connect with our team before distributing your tokens and we can organize co-promotion, attracting additional trading activity to your launch. This can also bring outside participants to your Liquid Vesting market, boosting your fee earnings, and increasing liquidity for your early investors.

When Unvest Marketplace launches, vetted projects will be heavily promoted, including those launched before the Marketplace (as Liquid Vesting markets can run for years).

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