Frequently Asked Questions

We get these a lot. Chances are, if you can think of it - it’s been answered here.
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What are the prices of different rounds?

Angel/Seed Round - $0.0125
Private Round - $0.0225
Cardstarter - $0.0280


Which Launchpad will UNV be on?

We are pleased to confirm that Cardstarter will be our Launchpad.
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Will the team tokens be vested over time?

Team tokens will be completely locked for 18 months (with no Liquid Vesting or early selling) - then after 18 months, Team tokens will unlock at a rate of 5% per month.

Are there any lockup periods for early investors?

Yes, early investors are subject to a 9-12 month lockup depending on their round.
This means the total circulating supply at launch will be fewer than 26 million tokens.

Early investors will be able to use Liquid Vesting to sell their allocations early, but they won’t be able to dump on the main market pairs for UNV. Liquid Vesting tokens are separate tokens with separate ERC-20 addresses.

Is this project on Ethereum or BSC?

UNV token is listed on both Ethereum and BSC. Unvest's app is available on Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and Polygon. It can easily be deployed to other EVM compatible networks. It will come to Cardano either via KEVM or a direct Plutus/Haskell implementation.