Liquid Vesting Tokens, LVTs
Early investors can sell tokens before they vest, without dumping on the market

We're replacing the costly and risky OTC market with a fully on-chain alternative

Early investors can sell tokens before they vest, without dumping on the market. Buyers can take long-term positions below market price. Unlike traditional OTC, a single allocation can be traded an unlimited number of times. Free to use for founders, investors only pay a fee if they sell during vesting.

At launch, a project owner sends their tokens to the audited Unvest contract

The contract is non-custodial, meaning no one, not us, not the project owners, can access the locked tokens.

The project simply sends recipient addresses for their investors, and a few other vesting details, and the contract handles the rest.
The smart contract mints LVTs and sends them out to Investors

Liquid Vesting Tokens are divided by instalment (eg. 3 month, 6 month, 2 year) these are sent to investors and can be freely traded on their own market pairs.

A small percentage fee is deducted if an early investor sells during the vesting period. These fees are distributed to stakers of UNV token.

During the Beta Period, we're encouraging trading via AirSwap and 1inch limit orders.

When vesting is done, whoever owns the LVTs can cash them in 1:1

At maturity, the buyer or original investor holding the Liquid Vesting Tokens can redeem them 1:1 for the original unlocked token via the Liquid Vesting contract. It's a simple on-chain transaction with a nominal gas cost.

Liquid Vesting is ready now
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You can self-service using our web3 app, or talk to us for partnership, guidance or deployment on another EVM chain.
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