Tradable Linear Vesting
for Project Tokens

On-Chain trading of locked tokens wrapped in NFTs

Supports block-by-block linear vesting, now transferable for the first time. Entirely composable, compatible with rental markets, fractionalization etc.

Additional utility can be added to project NFTs after vesting is completed

At launch, a project owner sends their tokens to our audited contract

With a few clicks, projects add recipient addresses for their investors, along with their desired linear (block-by-block) vesting parameters. Unvest's contract distributes the TGE tokens and NFTs.

Projects can bring their own NFTs, or Unvest can mint them in an instant.

The smart contract securely stores the project tokens

Each investor is sent a unique NFT representing the rights to a particular allocation. Only the wallet holding the NFT can submit valid claim transactions against that allocation over the vesting period.

To sell your unvested allocation,
simply sell your NFT.

Once the buyer takes custody of the NFT, they can begin claiming tokens, and the original owner cannot claim anymore.

As well as being split and sold on Unvest's platform, Vesting NFTs can also be rented out on third-party marketplaces.

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