Crypto’s killer app
has always been

From the Mastercoin and Ethereum offerings to the ICOs, IDO’s and IEO’s that followed, the bulk of attention, activity and volume in the cryptocurrency space has been focused on newly launched tokens and altcoins.

Over the last decade, our industry has introduced concepts like funding rounds, lockups and vesting, but really we've been playing catch-up to the standard venture capital model.

Now it’s time to do things that were impossible before. We can make vesting products that go further than traditional finance.

That's what Unvest is dedicated to building.


Liquid Vesting

Early investors can sell tokens before they vest, without dumping on the market
Buyers can take long-term positions below market price
Unlike traditional OTC, a single allocation can be traded an unlimited number of times
Free to use for founders, investors only pay a fee if they sell during vesting
At launch, a project owner sends their tokens to our audited contract, along with recipient addresses for their investors, and a few other vesting details
The contract mints Liquid Vesting Tokens representing the rights to the original tokens, divided by instalment (eg. 3mth, 6mth) these are sent to investors and can be freely traded on their own market pairs
On maturity, the buyer holding the Liquid Vesting Tokens can redeem them 1:1 for the original unlocked token via the Liquid Vesting contract

Liquid NFTs

On-Chain trading of locked tokens wrapped inside of NFTs
Supports block-by-block linear vesting, now transferable for the first time
Entirely composable, compatible with rental markets, fractionalization etc.
Additional utility can be added to project NFTs after vesting is completed
At launch, a project owner sends their tokens to our audited contract, along with recipient addresses for their investors, along with their desired linear (block-by-block) vesting parameters.
The contract securely stores the project tokens. Each investor is sent a unique NFT representing the rights to a particular allocation. Only the wallet holding the NFT can submit valid claim transactions against that allocation.
To sell your unvested allocation, simply sell your NFT. Once the buyer takes custody of the NFT, they can begin claiming tokens. NFTs can also be rented out on third-party marketplaces.
Featured listings, promotions and exclusive auctions
Buy locked allocations in popular tokens like Flow, Casper, Clover, Covalent and more
Access tokens at below market rates
Trade and track Liquid Vesting NFTs


Trusted partners like VCs and publicly known individuals can supply their unvested token allocations to the Unvest marketplace, even if these projects weren’t launched with Liquid Vesting.

Liquid Lock

Liquid Locks allow existing/circulating projects
to raise capital and awareness without dumping on their communities. Supports both Liquid Vesting Tokens and NFTs