Decentralized Fundraising with KYC, SAFTs, Escrow & Vesting NFTs
for Projects, Launchpads, VCs & Pool Groups

Razor is a full stack solution built around a non-custodial smart contract that helps you raise the most money, from the right people, in the shortest timeframe with the least headache.

Turn weeks of manual, high risk, back-and-forth into an easy, automated process

Set the timeline, soft cap and hard cap. Deploy your raise with a transaction on the blockchain.
Share your raise page, giving investors a limited window of time to sign up. Investors send funds to the Razor escrow contract.
Because real funds are required up-front and there’s no FCFS or sellout - there are no bots, whales, spam or time wasters.
You can view every contribution and choose which ones to accept and reject. You can view timestamps for each investor.
KYC/AML is built in - meaning you can spot duplicates and ensure compliance. SAFT documents can be automatically generated & sent.
Rejected funds can be refunded manually or can be automatically claimed back by investors after the escrow period.
Once your raise is concluded, you can withdraw collected funds from Razor. Up to the hard cap you originally set.
All SAFTs and KYC/AML proofs are securely stored in PandaDoc and Blockpass for posterity.
Investors get tradable NFTs representing their future token ownership, compatible with Unvest, meaning vesting is covered too.

Automated KYC/AML
View everyone’s status

To comply with global regulations, you may require all potential investors to complete KYC/AML checks. Razor has that covered.

View everyone’s KYC status alongside their other info on one simple screen. Refund investors that don’t pass or follow up with alternative KYC methods.

SAFT Generation,
sending & e-signing

Once an investor has escrowed funds and been KYC verified, Razor sends them an unsigned SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens) to complete in PandaDoc.

The SAFT is only valid once you countersign it, so you have complete flexibility - you can cancel & void the SAFT, or sign it at any time to instantly close the deal.

White label, customizable fee collection
everything your group needs

For KOL and Investor Pool Groups, you can build the fees you charge into your raise parameters, and it all just works.

The fees you collect can be distributed to you in project tokens or in funds raised (eg. USDC), depending on your accounting needs.

Razor can be styled with your Logo instead of Unvest branding.

Integrated with Unvest & Vesting NFTs
No more worrying about vesting

Unvest has your vesting and token distribution covered.

If you want, Razor can mint and send an NFT for each contributor's allocation. Investors can re-sell their NFT which represents the rights to the locked tokens - tokens are distributed to the NFT holder via Unvest's claim portal.

Whoever holds the NFT can claim the tokens.

For Pool Groups, this means vesting is not your problem anymore, no more scheduling claims and babysitting unlock instalments for years.

For Project Teams, this makes distributing project tokens seamless. Raise in Razor, then set up your vesting in Unvest. Simple.

Free set up and deployment
only pay if your raise succeeds

Razor has a modest fixed percentage fee - so fees scale with the size of your raise.
 They’re only charged if you complete your raise and choose to withdraw from the escrow contract.

Razor has flexible fee options (deduct from raise, pay separately) to perfectly suit your Project, Pool or VC workflow.

Access Razor early
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We’re looking for Projects, Launchpads, VCs & Pool Groups to help shape Razor and the Unvest suite of products.
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