UNV Token Utility

Stake for Protocol Revenue
Burn to access Razor
Payment in Marketplace
Voting & Governance

UNV Tokens can be staked to earn fees collected by the protocol. Each time an early investor (in UNV and other projects) trades their unvested tokens, the LVT (or Vesting NFT) contract collects a percentage of these project tokens as fees.

Future roadmap features will also require UNV Token as a means of payment or unit of exchange.
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UNV token will be listed on Uniswap. Early investors' locked tokens will also be distributed on Ethereum.

☑️ Trade UNV tokens
☑️ Trade and redeem UNV's own Liquid Vesting Tokens
☑️ Liquid Vesting Contracts deployed


UNV token will be listed on Pancakeswap in the weeks following the Unvest token generation event.

☑️ Trade UNV tokens
☑️ Liquid Vesting Contracts deployed

Non Dilutive

Each time an early investor trades their unvested tokens, Unvest’s contracts collect a percentage of these project tokens as fees. These tokens are available to market participants who stake UNV tokens in a corresponding rewards pool.

Successful token launches with high trading volumes generate highly lucrative rewards pools, creating an economic incentive to buy UNV and remove it from circulation.

Stakers can liquidate staking profits with ZERO impact on the price of UNV.

Liquid Certificates of Deposit

Tokens from the UNV reward pool will be awarded to investors that re-lock tokens for multi-year periods.

Instead of the principal and yield being locked to a specific address, they're instead bonded to a modified LVT (an LCD), meaning you can trade this derivative and plug it into other DeFi protocols.

Whoever redeems the LCDs at maturity gets the unlocked tokens.

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‍‍‍‍Buy with a few clicks

1. Click “Connect to Wallet”

2. Select your crypto wallet from the list of options

3. Follow the directions to connect

4. Choose ETH on the top, UNV on the bottom, enter an amount, and click “Swap”

5. Allow & Confirm the transaction

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