UNV Token

Stake UNV LP Tokens to claim fees collected across the UNV ecosystem. Launching on ETH and BSC, then deploying to all chains and L2s with native presales at scale.


UNV token will be listed on Uniswap. Early investor’s locked tokens will also be distributed on Ethereum.

☑️ Trade UNV tokens
☑️ Trade and redeem UNV's Liquid Vesting Tokens
☑️ Liquid Vesting Contracts deployed


UNV token will be listed on Pancakeswap following the Unvest token generation event.

☑️ Trade UNV tokens
☑️ Liquid Vesting Contracts deployed

Cross-chain bridge

The Unvest Dashboard will allow you to easily swap between the ERC20 and BEP20 versions of UNV Token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

As Unvest expands to additional chains and L2s, more bridges will be deployed - presenting interesting arbitrage opportunities as farmers move between chains, seeking interesting reward opportunities.

Key numbers

at TGE
Market Cap
at TGE
first Unlock
Liquid Vesting Tokens


Each time an early investor trades their unvested tokens, Unvest’s contracts collect a percentage of these project tokens as fees. These tokens are available to market participants who provide Liquidity for UNV Token, and stake their LP tokens in a corresponding rewards pool.

Successful token launches with high trading volumes generate highly lucrative rewards pools, creating an economic incentive to buy UNV, remove it from circulation and provide DEX liquidity.

Auctions, Rewards, Relocks & Bonus APY

We will be conducting special token/NFT auctions denominated in UNV, as well as relocking reserve tokens for multi-year periods.

The Unvest team will also be providing incentives and rewards to those engage in the ecosystem, stake, and provide liquidity.


Over a multi-year transition period, UNV will gain increasing utility as a governance token, allowing the community to determine key tokenomic and platform parameters.

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