Custom vesting, free for teams

Unvest provides a free, self-service vesting platform with custom release schedules for teams and holders. What makes Unvest different is that the platform generates Liquid Vesting Tokens.

Liquid Vesting Tokens are like coupons that can be redeemed for unlocked tokens at the end of vesting. With the added benefit that they can be transferred, sold, bought, lent and borrowed against at any time.


Sales take place via OTC - This means early investors can take profits early, without affecting the price on exchanges & charts. This lowers sell pressure on unlock dates and raises the entry price of locked token holders.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing four rows of locked tokens that are vesting. Each row contains metadata, and Info button, a buy button and a sell button.

Buy or sell any token with zero slippage, peer to peer

List any ERC20 token (including Liquid Vesting Tokens) for sale without requiring any Liquidity pool. OTC trades on Illiquid take place in a trustless, decentralized manner - meaning you retain control and ownership of your funds.

Go to Illiquid Market

Fees are waived on LVT trades, fees are only 0.25% on all other trades

Lock liquidity + issue proxy tokens

Lock LP tokens with Unvest, and get liquid vesting tokens that can be moved, traded and distributed to stakeholders. Redeem them at the end of vesting and get the LP tokens back.

The underlying DEX liquidity cannot be pulled until the end-date you set. But ownership of the liquidity can be decentralized and community held.

Lock Liquidity
Free to lock. Compatible with ERC20 LP tokens from any DEX. Uniswap v2, Sushi, 1inch, PancakeSwap, Quickswap etc.
A screenshot of the Unvest app showing the process of a user locking DEX liquidity on the Ethereum network.

Lock and vest any coin inside an NFT

Vesting NFTs (VNFTs) allow you to batch-lock any ERC-20 token into NFTs within a specific collection. Whoever owns the VNFT can claim tokens while they vest. By selling their VNFT, an investor has securely sold ownership of their locked tokens.

The Unvest platform can automatically generate VNFTs and send them to investors. Or, project owners can use any existing ERC-721 NFT as a VNFT, without any code changes or special permissions.

Supports either linear or instalment-based vesting.

Create VNFTs
Coming soon to all networks where Unvest Protocol is supported.

Airdrop any token to thousands of wallets

Need to send a lot of ERC20, BEP20, Polygon or Avax tokens?

AirDropper automatically batches your transactions, cutting down on effort, fees and mistakes. Works with any token, even deflationary tokens that have baked-in fees.


Free to use, just cover the gas.

Two screenshots showing the Unvest airdrop app. The first screen shows a list of ethereum addresses where tokens will be sent. The second screen shows a column of "submit transaction" buttons that will send batch transactions to the user's web wallet.

Founders, contributors
& advisors

Our team has experience working for the world's leading technology organizations
Kiran Matthews
Co-Founder & Protocol designer
Jamie Gardner
Lead Investor & Advisor
Klaus Vidal
Solidity Developer
Juan A.
Lead Full Stack Developer
Marketing & Development
Eli D.
Front End Developer
Alan Soares
Full stack Developer
James Rohloff
Co-founder & Advisor

Unvest protocol apps are currently deployed to Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche.

Deployments to other EVM chains not listed above are available on request.

UNV Token

Unvest Protocol is a public good owned and governed by UNV token holders. UNV Tokens have a fixed maximum supply of 1B and are designed to support deflation and burns.

Each UNV token counts toward one vote in governance proposals and decisions.

A coi

Unvest app features are currently free to use. As the protocol grows, UNV token holders can vote to set service fee parameters and divert collected revenue anywhere they see fit.

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