If you acquired UNV before May 2024, you'll need to upgrade your v1 UNV tokens

Everything you need to manage your token

Fast and easy token distributions, custom vesting, streaming, milestones, airdrops, liquidity locks, staking pools, treasury management, reporting and compliance.

Supports: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain, Optimism, Avalanche and Arbitrum
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“Everything on Unvest just works, every time, it’s a no-brainer for us”
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Jamie Gardner · COO, PartyFi
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Best-in-class vesting, streams & milestones

Lock a portion of your token supply, either for investors, team tokens, or other reserves. Automatically distribute to tens, hundreds or thousands of addresses.

You can create as many vesting schedules as you like, with any combination of cliffs, streaming (linear) and milestones.

Users claim tokens from an automatically generated Investor Dashboard with helpful info displayed - meaning fewer questions in your community groups, and happier investors.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing the creation of a vesting schedule
Lock LP tokens from any DEX, spread among multiple wallets

Liquidity locks allow you to lock your DEX liquidity tokens in a smart contract, preventing them from being redeemed and withdrawn until the lock period has ended.

Using liquidity locks is a powerful way to increase the credibility and trust of your project in the eyes of the public.

Additionally, Unvest wraps your locks so that they are still tradable (but cannot be withdrawn). This opens up new use cases for fundraising rounds and staking pools.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing the creation of a liquidity lock
Airdrop any token in batches, with no hidden fees

Unvest multisender allows you to send large amounts of any ERC20 token to multiple recipients with batched transactions.

Multisender is especially useful when you have a large list of recipients and don't want to pay numerous transaction fees or make errors.

Free to use, with no fees or commissions - multisender is a quick and easy way to airdrop tokens to a large number of recipients.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing the creation of an airdrop using the multisender tool
Create a secure, pre-audited token in a few clicks

Mint your own ERC20 tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain and other supported networks for free.

With just a few clicks, you can create and deploy your own unique tokens with custom names, symbols, and total supplies.

With the ability to customize your tokens and deploy other Unvest services like staking, the possibilities are endless.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing the creation of a new ERC20 token using the token minter tool
Deploy custom staking pools & liquidity farming

Create staking and farming pools for your project token, where users can earn rewards for staking their tokens.

Staking pools allow users to stake your project token, and receive more project tokens, with our without additional vesting on rewards.

Farming pools allow users to stake your project’s DEX liquidity tokens, and receive project tokens, with our without additional vesting on rewards. This incentivizes community members to provide liquidity.

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing the creation of a new staking pool
Custom branding

Establish trust and credibility with your investors

Custom branding allows you to seamlessly integrate your vesting portal with your existing website

Screenshot of the Unvest app, a user-facing claim dashboard. The branding colors of the UI change every few seconds in a looping animation.
A UI screenshot showing a HEX color picker for custom branding.
Advanced tools

Easy to setup, with powerful features at the ready

A simplified UI graphic showing the ability to trade locked ERC20 tokens for a stablecoin.
Trade locked tokens OTC

A dedicated P2P marketplace for vestingTokens and liquidLocks. Create an order for any token with a customized price and quantity.

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Multi-sig support

Claim and hold locked balances via Gnosis Safe, Argent and others


Use vestingTokens as staking rewards, or with other protocols

Team dashboard

Advanced controls and analytics for project teams

Extreme customization

Create any emissions schedule possible, with unlimited rounds

Distributed liquidity locks

Spread a liquidity lock across thousands of wallets

Staking & farming pools

Deploy fixed length pools with custom staking/reward pairs. Incentivize liquidity provision by rewarding users who stake LP tokens.

A simplified UI graphic showing the ability to estimate staking rewards before staking project tokens.
CSV upload & copy/paste

Input thousands of wallet addresses quickly and easily

Save & edit templates

Save, edit and browse vesting schedule templates

Post-launch locks

Add new recipients to an already existing round, after the fact

Fee-token support

Use vesting, staking and multisender with tax tokens (in-built fee or reflections)

Tax & compliance

View reports of historical recipient balances and transactions


Clone and resume in-progress vesting in the event of a recovery, token fork or chain migration

Claims & sells dashboard

See the big picture

View all of your investor’s claims, sells, and unlocks - without spending hours combing through transactions

A screenshot of the "View claims and sells" dashboard on the Unvest app. Contains a table of addresses and investor names, with details of how much each address has claimed and sold.
Private & secure
The information contained within this dashboard is confidential - only accessible to the wallet or multi-sig that initiated the distribution.

While certain information is publicly visible on the blockchain, other data, including investor names, is encrypted and securely stored off-chain to maintain privacy.

Supported networks

All services are available on Ethereum, Base, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum One, Optimism, Avalanche & Blast

Network switcher window on an iPhone, showing that Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain, Arbitrum One, Optimism and Avalanche are available networks.
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Don't see your network?

We're adding support for most popular EVM based networks, reach out if yours isn't listed.

Enterprise-grade security

All Unvest smart contracts are permissionless, publicly available and audited

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Never exploited since 2021 launch
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$300m+ TVL to date
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Non-custodial smart contracts (no admin keys)
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Publicly available source code

Get started for free

Vest tokens and lock liquidity with no sign-up process or screening required. Unvest is available on multiple networks for immediate use.

UI screenshot showing a "Claim" transaction confirmation in the Metamask browser extension.
Claim GNNS...
Accept the transaction in your wallet
UI screenshot showing the Claim dashboard for a project hosted on Unvest.