Custom vesting, free for teams

A free, self-service vesting platform with custom release schedules for teams and holders.

Everything is self-service and permissionless. Enter your ideal vesting terms, with support for linear vesting, instalments, multiple rounds, varying schedules, and more.


Free to use, just cover the gas

Screenshot of the Unvest app showing four rows of locked tokens that are vesting. Each row contains metadata, and Info button, a buy button and a sell button.

Lock DEX liquidity

Lock LP tokens with Unvest, and get liquid vesting tokens that can be moved, traded and distributed to stakeholders. Redeem them at the end of vesting and get the LP tokens back.

The underlying DEX liquidity cannot be pulled until the end-date you set. But ownership of the liquidity can be decentralized and community-held.

Lock Liquidity
Locks are free. Compatible with ERC20 LP tokens from any DEX. Uniswap v2, Sushi, 1inch, PancakeSwap, Quickswap etc.

Uniswap v3 support coming soon
A screenshot of the Unvest app showing the process of a user locking DEX liquidity on the Ethereum network.

Airdrop any token to thousands of wallets

Need to send a lot of tokens all at once?

AirDropper automatically batches your transactions, cutting down on effort, fees and mistakes. Works with any token, even deflationary tokens that have baked-in fees.


Free to use, just cover the gas.

Two screenshots showing the Unvest airdrop app. The first screen shows a list of ethereum addresses where tokens will be sent. The second screen shows a column of "submit transaction" buttons that will send batch transactions to the user's web wallet.

All services are available on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche.

Deployments to other EVM chains not listed above are available on request.

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