The cross-chain DeFi protocol
for trading unvested tokens

Bringing on-chain liquidity to unvested tokens for presale investors and VCs. Free customizable distribution and vesting contracts for project owners.
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Built by engineers from the world’s leading technology organizations

We build smart contracts
for distribution & vesting

Liquid Vesting

A general-purpose smart contract that allows any project to incorporate completely customizable, transferable Vesting into their IDO.

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Liquid NFTs

Fully transferable locked token allocations with support for linear (block-by-block) vesting and flexible claim times. Can be deployed with existing NFTs.

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Liquid Lock

Raise funds without dumping. Self-service Liquid Vesting and Liquid Vesting NFT deployment for projects with tokens that are already live and circulating.

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Our contracts will be deployed
on all chains where we see native presales at scale

Beginning in Q3 2021 with EVM compatible chains & L2s

Following our IDO, we are deploying on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The UNV token and vesting contracts will be available on both chains at launch, with a cross-chain bridge to follow soon after.

For Developers
Free, custom, audited, distribution

We provide a full suite of visual tools - allowing you to construct ideal vesting schedules for your project, then deploy them to the chain of your choice with a few clicks.

You can also set unlock and transaction fees for investors that want to trade while vesting, and collect those fees by staking UNV tokens.

UNV Token

Unvest is launching with Liquid Vesting, meaning a low initial circulating cap, and low sell pressure at each vesting milestone

UNV Tokens can be Liquidity Farmed to earn fees collected by the protocol. Each time an early investor (in UNV and other projects) trades their unvested tokens, the Liquid Vesting (or Liquid Vesting NFT) contract collects a percentage of these project tokens as fees.

These tokens are available to market participants who provide Liquidity for UNV Token, and stake their LP tokens in a corresponding rewards pool.

Successful token launches with high trading volumes generate highly lucrative rewards pools, creating an economic incentive to buy UNV, remove it from circulation and provide DEX liquidity.

The Unvest team will also be providing incentives and rewards to those engage in the ecosystem, stake, and provide liquidity.

Full UNV Token breakdownTokenomics

Founding Team
& Advisors

We're a tight-knit team of engineers, designers, product managers and marketers from the world's leading technology organizations and crypto projects.

Kiran Matthews
Kiran has worked in the software industry for 10 years. As Head of Design for a Y Combinator (2019) backed SSH startup, his work received an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement from Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple).

Kiran has held Product Management, Design & Strategic positions at several publicly listed fintechs and has contracted to clients including Apple and MasterCard.
Alan Soares
Alan is a Functional Programmer with ❤️ for the web and more recently, crypto — Alan has worked as a developer for over 13 years, working on a large variety of software projects such as institutional portals, ERP web integration, e-ticketing for public transportation, e-commerce custom-fit solutions and mobile multi-platform authentication.

Past clients have included Xero, Shell, Chevron and Z Energy.
Arlen McCluskey
Arlen is a best-in-class User Experience and Service Design expert who has held senior positions Google, Airbnb and Dropbox.

His recent work focused on Google’s global desktop search OSRP (organized search result page), where he led re-architecting of the OSRP interaction model and the creation of high fidelity motion prototypes. He also led redesign work on a new contextual Search Suggest surface. These are the most heavily trafficked surfaces on the web.
Klaus Hott Vidal
LEAD Smart Contract Developer
Klaus is a highly experienced Solidity Developer and blockchain security expert who has authored and audited contracts dealing with billions in volume/TVL.

Klaus Develops Prettier Solidity - a key tool used by Uniswap, Bancor, Open Zeppelin, Gnosis Protocol, Synthetix, Gelato, The Sandbox, UMA and others.
James Rohloff
James brings considerable experience in software operations and scaling. Having been instrumental in scaling Laybuy (ASX) from a kitchen table operation to a publicly listed multinational, James is lending his expertise on KYC, compliance and operational matters.

James has also led localized digital media efforts for international liquor brands such as Diageo Group and Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), following stints at Ogilvy and FCB.
Alysson Bortoli
Alysson is a Full Stack Developer and a core contributor to Unvest with over 14 years experience. Alysson’s past clients include Microsoft, Vodafone and The Coca-Cola Company.

Alysson is building out customer-facing infrastructure, making sure our platform is snappy, functional and user-friendly.
Chad Pickard
Sundeep Krishna
TrustSwap Core Team

Frequently asked questions

Will the team tokens be vested over time?

Team tokens will be completely locked for 18 months (with no Liquid Vesting or early selling) - then after 18 months, Team tokens will unlock at a rate of 10% per month.

This will be done using traditional vesting, not Unvest Liquid Vesting. Liquid Vesting is most suitable for early investor tokens, not team tokens.

Are there any lockup periods for early investors?

Yes, 92% of early investor tokens will be locked for the first three months following TGE. After 1 year, all early investor tokens will be in circulation.
This means the total circulating supply at launch will be only 8% of early investors tokens, or around $900k worth of UNV.

Early investors will be able to use Liquid Vesting to sell their allocations early, but they won’t be able to dump on the main market pairs for UNV. Liquid Vesting tokens are a separate token with a separate ERC-20 address.

What is the purpose of holding UNV tokens?

The total addressable market (TAM) for token presales already amounts to hundreds of billions of USD equivalent value, forecasted to grow to over a trillion in the next decade.

Investors in projects that use UNV’s contracts can sell their allocations early, and pay a fee for doing so. This fee would be competitive with OTC desks that charge upwards of 5% (sometimes up to 20%) per transaction.

All of these fees enter project-specific rewards pools that can only be accessed by buying UNV tokens from the open market, putting them into the UNV liquidity pool, then staking the LP tokens to earn these fees.

This creates a virtuous cycle where multiple parties including project investors, project owners and yield farmers are all motivated to compete for the reward yield, and in the process remove UNV from circulation and add to UNV liquidity.

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