Post-ICO Strategy: Navigating Regulatory and Community Expectations
August 26, 2023
Unvest blog


The post-ICO phase is a critical juncture for any crypto project, marking the transition from fundraising to realization. CEOs must strike a balance between regulatory compliance and meeting the expectations of their community, ensuring that the project stays on track and retains the trust of stakeholders.

Understanding the Post-ICO Landscape

Regulatory Climate:

Community Expectations:

Strategic Regulatory Compliance

Legal Counsel:

Reporting and Documentation:

Adapting to Changing Regulations:

Managing Community Expectations

Transparent Communication:

Engaging the Community:

Dealing with Criticism:


Sustaining Project Momentum

Deliver on Promises:

Continuous Innovation:

Case Studies

  1. Ethereum's Post-ICO Journey: A look into how Ethereum managed regulatory scrutiny and community expectations.
  2. Tezos' Legal Battles: Lessons from Tezos' challenges with regulatory compliance and community discontent.


The post-ICO phase is more than just delivering on promises; it's about proactively navigating challenges, staying ahead of regulatory shifts, and keeping the community engaged and informed. CEOs must wear multiple hats, ensuring both compliance and innovation, while always keeping their stakeholders in the loop.