Vetting Third-party Developers: Ensuring Quality in DeFi Collaborations
August 26, 2023
Unvest blog


In the DeFi ecosystem, collaborations with third-party developers can offer valuable expertise, speed up deployment, and provide innovative solutions. However, a hasty or poorly-vetted partnership can lead to significant risks. This guide aims to equip CEOs with the knowledge to engage in collaborations confidently, ensuring they uphold their project's standards.

1. The Importance of Vetting:

2. Understanding the Developer Landscape:

3. Vetting Criteria:

4. Red Flags to Watch Out For:


5. Legal and Contractual Precautions:

6. Maintaining an Ongoing Relationship:

7. The Role of Platforms Like Unvest:

Emphasizing how platforms that prioritize transparency and quality can simplify the vetting process and ensure successful collaborations.


Engaging third-party developers can be a boon for DeFi projects, but it's essential to approach these collaborations with diligence. A thorough vetting process ensures that CEOs can harness external expertise while maintaining the integrity and security of their projects.